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A New Year – A New Beginning…

1 January 2018
"Pause for a word of guidance..."


“A Little Rule for beginners” is how St Benedict describes his rule, inviting the wisdom that always we begin again.  Nowhere is beginning again more apparent than when we begin a new year.  Closely allied with this new year beginning is a desire to wipe the slate clean, to start afresh - often expressed in the form of new year resolutions. 


Over filled with ham and pavlova, many of us make resolutions to be more active, to do more exercise, to get fitter or to lose weight.  Some of us may decide that we need a spiritual makeover and resolve that the coming year will be marked by a new commitment to Bible reading or prayer.


As one who has tried, and failed miserably to keep such resolutions many times, I offer a new way to approach the coming year.


  • Rather than enforcing a new discipline from outside ourselves, how would it be to approach this  turning with gentleness, open to receive, to welcome whatever invitation this year may have in  store?
  • How would it be to soak in these summer days, observing the call to your spirit?
  • Pause for a word of guidance, as those seeking advice from the Desert Fathers and Mothers would do… asking for a word of challenge, a word to live by or a word to grow into for the coming season…
  • Pay attention to your dreams, to synchronicities, to your reactions and emotions.  All these may reveal the longings of your heart.
  • Notice what brings you delight, or causes you discomfort…
  • Take time to let your word form and take shape within you… journal with it, draw it on your walls, write poetry with it, share it with me or others, embrace it in your heart.  
  • Begin to live this year out of the mystery of the word forming…. 


In past years, words like Fallow or Wholeness have had meaning for me.  This year, the word that seems to be forming is Surrender… but I await its unfolding over the coming days of this new year.


May peace, grace and blessings of 2018 be with you.

A Word from Vicar Anne


A New Year -

A New Beginning


"Pause for a word of guidance, as those seeking advice from the Desert Fathers and Mothers would do…" 

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