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Exercise and Reducing Boredom

COVID-19 - My thoughts for today


Can’t exercise while in isolation? Due to lack of motivation, energy, mobility or space?

Exercise is vital for maintaining our physical and mental health especially while in lockdown.

Think about the following:

  • Walking the length of the lounge, the hallway, the patio, deck or back yard. May be even more than once.
  • May be up and down the stairs (safely, of course).
  • Perhaps taking a stroll around the house or down to the letterbox on a regular basis.
  • Meandering down to the next door neighbour’s letterbox or to the end of the street.
  • How about sauntering around the block?

It’s not a sprint but a marathon...... and we have got all day in our respective bubbles.


Is Boredom a problem?

For some people I have chatted to recently, this is a real problem.

Our routine based life as we know it has changed markedly within a very short space of time. Largely we are busy ‘doing’ people. Now we may be forced to be ‘being’ people. For some, forced with time on our hands to sit and ‘be’. To contemplate the situation we find ourselves in. Are we anxious, fearful, worried......... of course, about all manner of things.

We are all in this together. We hear this from different people and often.

It is important to keep in contact with others, by Skype, Zoom, Face-book and so on.

Are there jobs we have been putting off?

What hobby or interest have you not engaged in recently (because you were too busy).

Is there something new we can give a go, with the resources we have available?

The long Easter weekend is coming up...... how will that weekend look different to the week days or to other weekends recently? What will set it apart? How will it be a special time?

What is Christ saying to us this Holy Week and Easter? Are we listening? Really listening? Are we allowing time to listen for Christ? Especially now that the environment we find ourselves in is allowing us the time.

God is with us. The Holy Spirit dwells in each of us.

Keep safe and well in your bubble.

Yours in Christ, Deacon Faye

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