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A Full Net of Fish

If St. Peter’s were likened to a boat we would be a fishing boat! St. Peter was a fisherman after all.

Our boat is up-kept by us the fisher folk community as we seek to care well for our life as a parish family.  Where our boat does not stay for too long however is tied to the post.   Although we care well for our own needs and we also recognise we are surrounded by a world in need.  A world in need of hope.   In need of food.  In need of healing, and meaning, and worth.  A world in need of peace and justice.  A world in need of Jesus.  We therefore push-off from the shore and throw our nets into the deep waters of life.  In the deep waters of the world we seek to cast God’s love, beauty and goodness in anticipation  that the world is ready to catch the line and be caught up in the net of God’s renewing life.   A life we know and understand more fully in the life of Jesus Christ whom we follow.

In response to the call of God upon the Church to cast God’s love, beauty and goodness into all the world we at St. Peters envision to be:

1.       An ACTIVELY CARING community

2.       To community that FOSTERS A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY for individuals and for the community as a whole

3.       A community that BUILDS PARTNERSHIPS within and about the church

4.       A community that values INCLUSIVITY AND BELONGING in principle,and for every member


Follow the links on each vision stream to read more about them.

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