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Easter with our Rest Home Congregations


This year two of our rest home congregations flowered an easter cross.  The picture above shows the cross not yet flowered but ready to go covered with lots of greenery from the church garden. 

I brought this cross online from a New Zealand store.  It was not at all expensive.  It has green oasis which fills a shallow plastic cross frame and comes with a hanger.  

At the Home people gathered for the service.  A basket of cut artificial flowers on the floor and the greened-up cross sitting on a low table.  We sung 'Chris the Lord has Risen Today', 'I Will Enter His Gates', and 'He Lives'.  I read the account of Mary Magadaline going to the tomb, that beautiful story where the risen Lord calls her by name "Mary".  We talked about how Jesus waits for us to call our names too.  We spoke about how in Jesus, life is stronger than death.  About hope.  About peace.  About joy in believing, and knowing Jesus to be our closest Friend and Saviour.  Then we flowered the cross.  The basket was handed around and everyone took a bloom.  I then walked the cross around to each person.  "The flower, it represents your belonging to Jesus."  People push the stem of their flower into the oasis, into the cross of the community of God.  What was a symbol of death is now flowering and sprouting green shoots of new life.  The cross is transformed, as are our lives in Christ Jesus.

Christ has risen.  Alleluia!

Alleluia!  He has risen indeed!

Have a wonderful Easter season.

Revd. Amy


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