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Welcome to the St Peter's Blog. This is a collection of articles and pieces of writing by parishioners of St Peter's Church.

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29 March 2024 by IV with the permission of the editors of The Messenger, Yvonne & Allan Rae. This was originally published in the March 2024 edition.

Did You Know…………

Bronze Casting on the St Peter's Lectern

That the elegant wooden pulpit in St Peter’s was designed and made by the oldest son of our then organist and choir master?

John Panting was only just in his early 20’s when he designed the pulpit, made it and also made the bronze castings on the front of the lectern and pulpit. He went to England shortly after that to further his training and was killed in an accident in his mid-twenties without realising his full designing potential.

John’s father, Stuart, was organist and choirmaster from 1948 to 1967 and was very strict with choir members. Read more...

26 December 2023 by IV on behalf Stuart Goodin & Richard Girdwood

Worth a Read: Christmas 2023 Sermons

Advent 4 & Christmas Eve - Stuart Goodin

The workshop was busy and noisy, craftsmen of various kinds working alongside each other – here one with mallet and heavy chisel carefully fashioning the beginnings of a large jar out of stone, there another pouring molten bronze into a mould depicting a pomegranate, over there someone planing smooth a plank of cedar to replace a worn doorframe. All these and more crafts were employed in the service of the upkeep of the Temple nearby... Read more...

Christmas at Midnight - Stuart Goodin

I love words. I love understanding the meanings of words and their roots, the use of simile and metaphor, rhyme and alliteration, and so on. My love of word humour, especially puns, means that my wife feels like she’s received a “life sentence”!

I love words. And that love has me tonight riffing on John’s use of “logos”, the Greek word for “Word” or “speech” or “utterance”. John uses “logos” in the prologue of his Gospel as he tries to say something important about Jesus, whose birth we celebrate tonight... Read more...

Christmas Day 8am - Richard Girdwood

As I said at the beginning of this service, “I wish you all a wonderful Christmas!” You've heard the Christmas story dozens of times. This morning, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I want us to step back and consider for a moment the lot of the shepherds.

In S Luke’s Gospel, shepherds are the first to hear about the birth of Jesus. Being a shepherd in first century Palestine was not considered to be a privileged position in society... Read more...

Christmas Day 10am - Stuart Goodin

The boy sobbed, tears of rage streaming down his grimy cheeks.

“It’s not fair!” he declared. “Just because I’m a shepherd the market traders look at me like I’m a thief. I didn’t ask to be a shepherd: I didn’t choose to be the last-born in my family. I didn’t choose to be among the lowly!”... Read more...

12 November 2023 by IV

Just a Building? Or?

Artists Impression of St Peter's Anglican Church 1958

Imagine being charged with a goal of raising $2,446,586.51 in just under three years, and to do this decades before crowdfunding, quiz nights and silent auctions. Yet one community did just that - the goal being to build a “new Church”– the St Peters parishioners who have gone before us.

67 years ago, starting on October 7, 1956, members of this parish started fulfilling their pledges to help raise the sum of £40,000 towards building a “new and larger” St Peter’s. There was a degree of urgency as the Vicar Leo King wrote to the Parish in July 1956 edition of The Messenger... Read more...

27 October 2023 by IV

Remembering Max

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens,
a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to pluck what has been planted...

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

(read at Max’s Memorial Service)

Max’s time to be born was September 25, 1948, and his time to die was October 7, 2023. October 18 was the time to remember and celebrate the various seasons of his life and the different facets which made Max who he was, some seen and known and others yet to be revealed... Read more...

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