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The Mystery of the Lost World

Submitted by The Rev. Ross Downes on Friday September 23 2021.

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The Mystery of The Lost World

It happens quite often these days. I find myself immersed in a biblical text. I am consulting recognised scholars to see what their thoughts are and I find myself,almost a little like Alice, down the rabbit hole. I am absolutely engrossed and often mesmerised by the text opening up before me and ironically, for all my excitement, there are very few, if any people, that I can easily share these discoveries with. Most of the friends I could talk to are busy people who might well be supportive, but they have things to do and would find the intensity of such introspection intrusive. It is a little like there being two worlds; one above the rabbit hole where real people live in a real world, and this second world at the bottom of the rabbit hole where ancient metaphor gave birth to wonderful and creative images of God. What is more, these images turned out to be a view of reality, hidden from the world by a veil of unknowing... Read more...

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